Why we failed

I never thought this day will come.

I’ve always envisioned you to be the right one for me; be the father of my future kids and be the person I’d spent my eternity with.

I was so sure. I really was. We even already planned what our ideal wedding will be: who will be the people in our entourage, the motif, who will take care of this and that (except for the location of course since we still couldn’t decide who will give way–religion).

What we had was almost ideal. People even say that they envy us. Our relationship seemed perfect. I believed that too. In a year, we argue only about 2 times.

You get along well with family and vice versa. 

Little did they know, our relationship has its flaws. We seldom argue not because we have the perfect relationship but because we prefer not to discuss what’s inside our minds. We never argue because in disagreements, we always do your way.

I’m the more extrovert type and you are more of an introvert..Before you came, I’m used to socializing and meeting new people–Single by choice. You were the opposite, you’d always been in a long term relationship.


I changed my lifestyle, changed the way I dress, the way I see the world….and you…you didn’t seem to change at all. I mean, your lifestyle had always been relationship ideal. You don’t party, no vices, prefer to be at home or at work.

Throughout our relationship, we discover our differences. We never said it to each other– we just shrug them off to avoid conflicts.

However, I think that’s how we failed–we talk almost 24/7 but we never really discuss our differences.

We love each other yet we are afraid of each other as well.

YES! Opposites may attract at first. Of course, you’re curious how it is like to be on the other edge.however, if you are to look for a lifetime partner, that person should be similar to you. You must share same interests, passion and outlook in life. Else, both of you must learn to compromise.

Relationships must be a two-way street. If you both don’t work hard for it, it will eventually fail. No matter how much you love each other, no matter how perfect it may seem.


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