Masasa beach quick weekend getaway

Found out about Masasa just in DIY travel group in facebook. It is currently one of the trending destinations there.

We were looking for a nearby beach in Manila that would be accessible and after browsing in the internet about the place, I realized that this could be a perfect fit.

How did we get there:

1. We got to Jam Liner bus terminal in Buendia about 3:30am. Fare is just 157 php route going to Batangas Grand Terminal.  Travel time was like 2 hours.

2. Upon reaching the Batangas grand terminal, there are jeepneys waiting bound to MABINI (to anilao port). They won’t leave unless the jeepney is full. Luckily, there were group of students who rode the jeepney and so it didn’t took long before the jeepney left for Anilao port.  Fare is 37 php per person.

3. As mentioned in other blogs, first ferry will leave at 7-7:30. In going to Masasa, you can have 2 options. You can ride a ferry to Tingloy port where you still have to ride a tricycle and walk on a rice field for 15 mins. The other is a ferry directly harbouring to Masasa shore. (This one is less hassle and fare is 100 php per person)

We arrived at about  8:30am.

For the accommodation, we contacted Nanay Rosie who is very approachable. We requested for a solo room since the others are already for large groups. We paid 1500php for the room. The room is just above Leah’s store.

Nanay rosie’s contact numbers are:



The room is very clean and comfy. We have our own private cr with the beachview. Fyi electricity in the island is only from 12nn to 12am but sometimes even if it is not yet 12nn there will already be electricity.

We had our island hopping and we contacted kuya Jeremy (09392065165) . Kuya jeremy is cordial. His rate is 1500 php with free snorkeling and free shirts. You can contact him for easy tour; he will even bring you to islands where some tour guides might won’t bring you. Also, he is very patient and accommodating with our requests.

We went to islands with beautiful caves and shores. He brought us even to the ones where some of the scenes from the teleserye “Marina” were taken.

In masasa, You can bring food  but since this trip was something we didn’t plan, we weren’t able to bring food. It was almost “biglaan”. Good thing is that there is a place near Nanay Rosie’s place where you can dine. People there are cordial as well. Plus the food aside from being affordable, are delicious.

It was one of the most sulit quick weekend getaway. I think Masasa is famous now not just because of the beautiful beaches and spots they have but also because of how amicable the people there are. Customer service experience at its finest. All of the people there are accommodating which added up to the positive vibe of the place.

*there are also diving spots here


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