Bent but not broken

It is not your fault that they don’t choose you. It is not your fault if you have something more to offer that they reject. You have so much love to give that they are incapable of receiving. Just be patient.

One day you will find someone whose hearts are so big that they are able to receive all your love. They can even give back a lot more in return.

One day, the right girl/guy will come along that you wouldn’t have to think who you are in their life. Because they will be the ones to do all the efforts.

One day you will meet a girl/guy who is no longer emotionally unstable. A person who is ready to love and be loved in return with no hesitations and doubts.

One day you wouldn’t have to ask for signs if they do like you because they are obvious.

One day you wouldn’t have to search for hugot quotes to post and listen to relatable sad songs because you are busy enjoying your time together.

One day, you will find a person who will be so afraid of losing you.

It is normal to fall. To break. To bend. To get your heart broken and to cry. But always remember to stand up again and ready yourself. So when the right person comes along, you’ll be ready for a whole adventure again.

Never blame yourself for loving too much or for exerting your effort to someone who reject you. It is their problem that they refuse to receive something huge and with that they’re missing majority of their life.


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