Some memories never die

I dreamt of my ex the night before my birthday. 

In my dream, I was with my 2 friends when we bumped into him and his family. It was him I first searched when I saw his family. Wondering how he looks like now– Is he happy? Does he look like he already moved on? In my dream, I saw him wearing a huge smile so I said to myself “I am happy for him. He looks so happy now”.

I don’t know. Maybe it was my subconscious working that’s why I dreamt of him. It is hard when for 4 years you’re used to having him around in almost every occassions and special events.

This is the first birthday I’m going to celebrate single after our relationship. I remember us talking about something like this during our last conversation. I messaged him saying that almost everyday I see our pictures on Facebook’s On My Day. He said that there will be a lot more and I have to bear with it. He was right. Christmas, new year, summer vacations, my birthday; we’ve indeed treasured lots of memories together.

This is not me wanting him back. Maybe this is just me expressing that once a person becomes a part of you, he will always be there. No matter what. No matter how long you stopped seeing and talking to each other. Just as the saying goes,

You may close your eyes to reality but not to memories.


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