Dankeschön 🇩🇪🇵🇭

Serendipity. That is the best term to coin it, I think. 

Lately, I started posting pictures of sceneries, buildings, and places I find amusing. To get more likes and for more people to see my posts, I put hashtags at times. Then there is #Philippines.

One lazy afternoon as I was browsing ig pictures with that hashtag, a picture caught my attention. This.

I found it interesting that there are tourists who actually tried experiencing how locals actually live. I often say that when I go visit other places, I don’t want to limit myself going only at popular spots. I want to experience how they normally live, where they usually go, what they usually eat;  not how other tourists do.

I had no idea who they were. But then I liked the picture anyway. Then Patrick/Peddy (@peddiii_fi / the guy on the left) sent me a private message asking me of good clubs in the metro they can visit. After a while, Yannick (@yan__sch/ the guy on the right) followed me on ig.

I sometimes go out with friends so I kind of have ideas where the good clubs are. So being the nice person I am, I told them of those I know of. Then Peddy asked if I can meet them up the next day for dinner before they go to Palace Pool club. I agreed.(They were staying at Edsa Shangrila and my office is in Makati.)

The next day(May 17, 2017), I met up with them at the Plantation bar. Plantation is just walking distance from our office and this is where I usually meet up with people for food/few drinks. I only took a break from work when I met up with them. We talked a bit, asked them how they find the Philippines so far and asked them all the basic questions.

Patrick is the one I talk to a lot on instagram. If you don’t know him well, you would think he is arrogant and snobbish. His smiles are precious and most of the time conceal his emotions. But after few days of knowing him. I realized that he is definitely a nice guy, not arrogant and snobbish at all.

Yannick, on the other hand, is the one who smiles a lot. With that, his dimples always show. Yannick is more expressive when it comes to his emotions and yes, he is also a nice guy.

It is not hard to converse with them since they speak English very fluently. I often thought that mostly of Europeans don’t know how to speak English well (only their native language).

After the dinner, I went back to the office and they headed over to Palace Pool club. Patrick messaged me and invited me to follow and join them after my shift (I work 3pm to 12am MLA time). I did. I followed and hanged out with them a bit more.

It was a wednesday night, so there were not really much people there but they definitely liked the place. We were supposed to go to Revel too they were wearing shorts so they couldn’t get in. They asked if we can transfer to another club or bar, since it is Wednesday, I decided to bring them to Black Market/Finders Keepers.

We had few drinks and danced. The following day is their flight to El Nido and I still got work the next day so we didn’t really stayed that late.

We continued talking to each other though they were in Palawan. They said how of a paradise Palawan is. Some pictures Peddy sent me would actually validate that.

They stayed for a week in El Nido. They also stayed for 3 nights in a private Island, NoaNoa.

They said they will come back to Manila before they leave. They decided to stay a bit longer in Manila rather than go to other islands. I suggested for them to book somewhere in Makati and they did.

When they came back, we partied a lot again. It was like 2 straight nights of partying. I hanged out with them more, learned a lot from them, accompanied them to the malls and helped them find good stuff they can bring back to Germany.

I realized that sometimes, it is the unexpected meetings that would actually leave best memories. I like it when good unexpected things happen; just like meeting these two.

Yes, they are now back in Germany but we still keep in touch. They are like best buddies so they are always together and most of the time  they send me some snaps of how they live there. 

I hope one day, I will see them again. May it be in the Philippines or somewhere else in the world. 

P.S. They are both single! Feel free to follow them on instagram. @Peddiii_fi and @yan__sch 


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