My perfect guy is not that perfect after all

Last weekend I witnessed how John is when irritated. It was a shocker to me as I don’t usually see him that way. For the past months, I always witness him being so cheerful and so positive. Does seeing his other side turned me off? No!

Nobody’s perfect. There will be times we get irritated, angry and pissed off. It is fine. It is because we are just human. We have our emotions.

He was so irritated but he kept his composure. He vented his anger to me clearly explaining what went wrong. Him doing that proves that he is already comfortable at me. He reveals his real thought and confides to me because he trusts me to understand. I did and I do.

It would have been a different story if he shouted at other people in front of me. That would have been a big turn off, but he didn’t. He just let it go and told me about it.

I saw that side of him but that didn’t make me walk away. That even made me love him more. There is no such thing as a perfect guy/boyfriend, we will never find one in any lifetime. There will always be flaws and imperfections. But that is okay.

Being in an adult relationship means loving the other person no matter what. Enjoying good times together yet sticking with each other through bad times. Being the ears when he feels like ranting . Being the support system when our partner feels like breaking down. You can’t just give up on someone just because the situation is not ideal. Adult relationships don’t work that way.

He is not perfect, neither am I. And that is okay. We are not perfect but at least we’re real.


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