Bent but not broken

It is not your fault that they don't choose you. It is not your fault if you have something more to offer that they reject. You have so much love to give that they are incapable of receiving. Just be patient. One day you will find someone whose hearts are so big that they are … Continue reading Bent but not broken


What it feels like being second always

Even when we were little kids, we were already given the idea that "being the first means being the best or the most successful". Hence, we were always encouraged to strive hard in our studies and be on the number 1 spot of honor list. I never reached the top, I graduated salutatorian in grade … Continue reading What it feels like being second always

My comfortzone still

That’s my mom sleeping. She just came back from Davao. Thursday evening around 11-ish when she arrived home then she had a flight at around 4am the next morning (today) to Davao. Her visit to Davao is something work-related. She had a flight back to Manila on the same day at 8 to 9 pm … Continue reading My comfortzone still